New Zealand Marina Upgrading with Tallykey

Located at the Northern coastline of the South Island – walking distance from the geographical center of New Zealand – Nelson Marina is a tremendously popular destination for marine crews challenging themselves and enjoying fantastic sailing in famous waters such as Golden Bay, Marlborough Sounds, Tasman Bay, Cook Strait, and beyond.

With a dedicated visitor dock, a travel lift with 44 tons lift capacity as well as a huge variety of marine servicing contractors based here, Nelson Marina is also a busy hub for vessel sales, maintenance, and repair.

In May 2023 the marina finalized another stage in a modernization project with the installation of another 28 Tallykey T4 pedestals equipped with TallyBee software. Previously in 2022 a shipment of 35 T4s were mounted and put into operation. Both sub-projects being part of a general refit project replacing old Mennekes modules.

In total six Nelson Marina jetties have now been modernized with the unrivalled modern Danish aluminum power and water supply pedestals including its state-of-the-art user-friendly interface and software systems keeping daily administration to an absolute minimum.

The Nelson Marina refit is a small, yet highly visible part of a strategy described in a masterplan adopted by the Nelson City Council. A masterplan mapping the future development of a high-quality marina that attracts economic development, employment opportunities and safe access to Nelson Haven and Tasman Bay for all water activities. A masterplan developed as population and recreational boating and sea sport participation rates grow significantly these years.

According to the masterplan Nelson Marina play a lead role in the economic and social vibrancy of the local area, in turn adding to the wellbeing of residents as well as visitors.

Ambitions are to provide a secure haven for boats to be berthed, safe launching and retrieving of smaller trailer vessels, enhanced repairs and maintenance facilities and a dedicated area for the fast-growing sea sports sector, ensuring the mixed uses and water access requirements around the marina are performed in a safe manner.

Environmental and climate change factors are at the heart of the City Council Masterplan as well and will help drive environmentally friendly and sustainable practices both in the building and development of the Marina as well as daily operations. All design aspects will focus on the reuse of materials where possible, the latest energy efficient designs, onsite stormwater treatment, rainwater and solar harvesting and provisions for changing technologies in land and water powered transportation.

In close cooperation with Marina Manager Nigel Skeggs and his team, the New Zealand Tallykey Sales Agent Joe Nowak worked through the details in the 2022-23 refit project in Nelson Marina and continue planning for future additions.

Since the beginning 35 years ago in the hometown of world-famous Bang & Olufsen – where the Tallykey founder himself learned the secrets of processing aluminum – New Zealand has grown to become the leading global market for Tallykey outside Europe.

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