CUSTOMER SERVICE – your guests keep track and settle services from mobile devices at their convenience with the liberty of avoiding standing in line waiting for office opening hours

Few people fancy to queue up for trivial matters such as paying for electricity and water.

With TALLYWEB digital payment solution regular users and temporary guests have 24-7 access to power and water supply as well as service facilities. That is superior customer service anywhere – and indeed in marinas and holiday parks with many customer arrivals outside office opening hours.

In this TV spot from a Danish broadcaster an experienced sailor describes the frustration to dock at night in the Netherlands with no access to neither power nor water supply. In the interview he also praises the convenience in a marina with our digital payment solution.

For public authorities and private businesses alike managing numerous locations TALLYWEB offers you the opportunity to integrate several marinas or camping sites in one system communicating internally via real-time radio signals. For guests and regular users, multiple location integration grant access to utility supplies and services in vast areas with one registration only.

That is excellent customer service – a key value we emphasize ourselves and include in every part of our business handling Tallykey partners worldwide.

Få mennesker bryder sig om at stå i kø for noget så trivielt som at betale for elektricitet og vand.

Med TALLYWEB som jeres digitale betalingssystem har faste brugere og gæster døgnet rundt adgang til elektricitet, vand og faciliteter. Det er god kundeservice – ikke mindst i havne og på campingpladser, hvor mange gæster vil ankomme udenfor normal kontortid.

I dette indslag fra TVMIDTVEST fortæller en sejler, hvor frustrerende det er at lægge til kaj om natten uden adgang til elektricitet og vand – og hvor nemt og bekvemt det er at være skipper i en havn med vores digitale betalingssystem.

Og hvorfor ikke taget skridtet fuldt ud? Hvis I som myndighed står for driften af flere havne eller camper-områder, kan de enkelte lokaliteter tale sammen via TALLYWEB, så gæster og bruger har adgang til elektricitet, vand og faciliteter samtlige steder. Det kræver kun én registrering.

Choose between two product categories





    Aluminum stands with electricity and water supply
    for harbours, campsites etc.



    Digital systems for management, payment and administration.


    Access Control

    Facilities that provide access to buildings and facilities.



    Charging stands for electric cars.



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