Control panel for cabins and holiday apartments

TWH is a small box that contains many options to make everyday life easier. For administrators of cabins and holiday apartments as well as for guests.

TWH has five functions:

  • Door – give access
  • Electricity – settlement of consumption
  • Water – settlement of consumption
  • Climate control – control of temperature
  • Alarm – in case of low temperature, power failure and leaking water installation

As an administrator, you have the option via the TWH control panel to give holiday guests access to cabins and holiday apartments during the period your guests have reserved.

At the same time, TWH can measure and control consumption of electricity and water. The device can be integrated with your booking system so that the consumption is automatically added to the bill when the guests leave.

You also have the option of choosing climate control. In this way, TWH manages the maintenance heat in the cabin and holiday apartment, so that you avoid moisture damage. The control panel can also be set to raise the temperature a few hours before guests arrive. This function offers the possibility of large savings on the electricity bill.

Last but not least, TWH can be your ever-watchful eye and send an alarm in case of low temperature, high humidity, water pipe leak and power cut if a fuse or HPFI system interrupts the power supply. These alarm functions in TWH can help you to avoid mold and damage to buildings and fixtures.

At Tallykey, we have 30 years of experience with reliable control panels and payment solutions for customers at home and abroad. Our customer service is another good reason why holiday home owners, marinas and campsites all over the world choose Tallykey.

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Especially suitable for use in cabins and holiday units

The access control can grant access for a desired period, until when e.g. a guest books a stay.
At the same time, it can control/measure electricity and water consumption in the cabin, so that this can be settled automatically and e.g. be integrated with a booking system so that it is added to the bill upon departure.
As an option, there is also the option of climate control, which can control maintenance heating in the unit and raise the temperature, e.g. 2 hours before the guests arrive.
This naturally provides a big saving on the electricity bill, as you only want maintenance heating when there are no guests. In addition, you don’t have to remember to turn the heat up and down continuously.


There is also the possibility of alarm functions for example:

  • Low temperature or high humidity to avoid mold and fixtures being knocked to the ground.
  • Water leak alarm if continuous uniform water consumption is measured over a long period of time.
  • Alarm in the event of a power cut if a fuse or HPFI relay interrupts the supply, which can also cause consequential damage.
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