Green energy and a profitable business

We have launched what is likely to be the markets most flexible, user-friendly and economically viable charging station for electric cars.

As utility provider you are entitled to settle electricity pricing yourselves. Customers register, charge, and pay via their smartphone. Pending on your pricing policies and total turnover the TCC pedestal is likely to give profit within 2-4 years. Daily operation is managed digitally with the TALLYWEB online payment software well known in ports, marinas, and holiday parks worldwide.

The TCC pedestal comes with a timeless and elegant Danish design in a significant green color that signals sustainable and climate conscious transportation. Finally, the charging station is constructed in aluminum with high-quality components for long-lasting maintenance-free operation.

The TCC charging station is intuitively easy to handle. Basically the customer only needs to connect the electric car charging cable and start charging from a smartphone. The TCC pedestal takes care of the rest.

A light strip indicator placed at the power plug even guides the user: Pulsating green light indicates on-going charging. Permanent green light signals charging completed. On their smartphone users are provided with more detailed real-time information.

Each TCC charging station can utilize two electric cars simultaneously. While charging the cable power plug cannot be removed by third parties. When the battery is fully charged customers receive a notification on their mobile device encouraging them to pick up their car and make room for the next.

An integrated load management system ensures optimal use of available power supply. Multiple TCC charging pedestals can be interconnected – they are even capable of communicating internally securing an equal power distribution to numerous electric vehicles.

By all means, TCC charging station is a simple and solid solution for marinas, camping sites as well as workplaces welcoming drivers with a more sustainable carbon footprint.

Our excellent customer service is another reason for ports, marinas and camping sites worldwide to choose Tallykey.

Let us find the right solution for you – call +45 9784 1277 or send us an e-mail: info@tallykey.dk (expect our response within 24 hours).


With many advantages

Tallykey’s TCC charging stand is a strong proposition for a charging stand so user-friendly that operation is almost intuitive. In practice, the customer has to do two simple things: connect the cable from the car and start charging via his mobile phone. The charging stand takes care of the rest.

TCC even guides the customer: For example, a strip of light around the connector tells what the status is: Pulsating green light means that charging is in progress. Steady green light signals that charging is complete. Information about the charge can be followed on the mobile phone.

The charging stand is developed and produced in Denmark in uncompromising quality, which can withstand our sometimes harsh climate.


Packaged in an elegant and extremely user-friendly design

Each charging station can supply two cars at a time. While charging is taking place, the power plug is locked and the cable cannot be removed by unauthorized persons. When the car’s battery is charged, the user is informed via mobile phone that the plug has been released and it is time to remove the car and thus make room for another. TCC has load management which ensures that the existing electricity supply is used as best as possible.

Several charging stands can be connected to one charging station. The stands are also so advanced and well thought out that it is possible to distribute power equally between, for example, six electric cars that are waiting for charging at the same time.
A simple and reliable solution for ports, campsites and private companies.

  • Welcome

    Here are seven good reasons to choose Tallykey.

  • Climate

    Payment systems benefit from lower consumption
    for the earth's climate and your green account.

  • Overview

    Digital solutions save on administration, provide a full overview and ensure that you get paid for actual consumption.

  • Environment

    Software and hardware can be upgraded and built into other systems, creating less waste.

  • Customer service

    Your guests can monitor their own consumption and pay online via mobile phone, free of queues and office hours.

  • Design

    High-tech solutions designed to fit beautifully
    into the surroundings and are intuitively simple to operate.

  • Economy

    You decide the price of electricity and water yourself - to the benefit of your daily operations and bottom line.

  • Values

    With us, old virtues are in fashion – a small Danish company,
    who hire the best professionals and are easy to talk to

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