Classic and timeless with multiple purposes

Tallykey T4 is a supply pedestal for power and water. Designed for marinas, ports and camping sites offering their guests a simple and reliable solution with online self-service.

Constructed in anodized aluminum and assembled with acid-resistant screws, shafts, and bolts T4 ensures many years of maintenance-free excel operation in even the most aggressive climate.

The T4 pedestal is compliant with European Regulations as well as any local certification standards. All electrical components including relay, meters etc. are thoroughly protected behind aluminum and impact resistant plastic with all relays separated in closed circuits. Installed behind a storm proof auto-closing front lid the utility supply pedestal has a contactless card reader. For guests the self-service panel is intuitive and easy to operate. The T4 is versatile, to fulfill any requirements you may have.

Built-in LED lighting reflects classic Danish design, providing an aesthetic atmosphere and reassuring safety in a maritime or holiday resort area. Utility service users can register, measure, and pay for power as well as water consumption with minimal administration for the business manager. Data is communicated in real-time between supply equipment applications connected internally and remote locations can be interconnected to a single master system. In its very essence, both simple and manageable.

Our excellent customer service is another reason for ports, marinas and camping sites worldwide to choose Tallykey.

Let us find the right solution for you – call +45 9784 1277 or send us an e-mail: info@tallykey.dk (expect our response within 24 hours).


Top security and ease of use

The T4 supply column’s individual relays, meters and common code keyboard with contactless card reader are safely located behind a storm-proof and self-closing front door. The panel is easy and simple to operate, and the electric stand can always be equipped, combined and expanded according to needs and wishes.


Kvalitet der kan overleve mange års udendørs brug

Alle Tallykey forsyningssøjler er udviklet og produceret på egen fabrik i Danmark, hvor vores dygtige medarbejdere kun anvender robuste og langtidsholdbare kvalitetsmaterialer. Alle vores produkter lever op til alle relevante standarder og myndigheds-krav til anlæg af denne type. Selve søjlen er udført i anodiseret aluminium, mens bolte, aksler og skruer er produceret i syrefast stål. Det betyder minimal vedligeholdelse for dig samtidig med, at du altid kan byde dine gæster velkommen til en campingplads i smukke omgivelser.

  • Welcome

    Here are seven good reasons to choose Tallykey.

  • Climate

    Payment systems benefit from lower consumption
    for the earth's climate and your green account.

  • Overview

    Digital solutions save on administration, provide a full overview and ensure that you get paid for actual consumption.

  • Environment

    Software and hardware can be upgraded and built into other systems, creating less waste.

  • Customer service

    Your guests can monitor their own consumption and pay online via mobile phone, free of queues and office hours.

  • Design

    High-tech solutions designed to fit beautifully
    into the surroundings and are intuitively simple to operate.

  • Economy

    You decide the price of electricity and water yourself - to the benefit of your daily operations and bottom line.

  • Values

    With us, old virtues are in fashion – a small Danish company,
    who hire the best professionals and are easy to talk to

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