The online payment flagship

TALLYWEB is a solid and thoroughly tested software programme designed and developed with +30 years of experience from all parts of the world put into every detail. The result is daily life made easier – for managers and customers alike.

From case studies worldwide – a couple of them shared on our website – we know that harbor masters and camping site managers are extremely satisfied with TALLYWEB: Partners share how their burden of administration diminished drastically, business went more profitable and in some cases utility consumption was reduced significantly introducing TALLYWEB and individual online user-pay.

In one marina case study the total power consumption went down 40 percent! That is worth noticing in times with soaring electricity prices. Furthermore, there is a general global trend of ever-growing energy demands from larger and more luxurious yachts, caravans, and motorhomes on one hand. Concern and climate consciousness on the other. It all plays into the same equation: Action is needed!

The TALLYWEB online portal can integrate directly with harbor office and camp site reception or connect to an outdoor payment machine.

What makes TALLYWEB exceptional, however, is its functionalities and capacity to interact directly with customer’s smartphone, tablet or laptop computer making registration and payment extremely accessible and user-friendly. With no queues whatsoever.

Our excellent customer service is another reason for ports, marinas, and camping sites worldwide to prefer Tallykey.

Let us find the right solution for you – call +45 9784 1277 or send us an e-mail: info@tallykey.dk (expect our response within 24 hours).


Administration at a minimum

For harbor offices and holiday park receptions customer self-service has the implication and obvious advantage that trivial administration is cut down to an absolute minimum. Paperwork and cash holdings are past which often minimize the risk of burglary as well.

As an extra bonus, the technology provide managers with improved overview from swift daily visits in the administration module – while business grows ever more sustainable. TALLYWEB simply improve your liquidity and minimize debtor risks.

TALLYWEB is real-time radio signals with no cabling into the ground or in the air. Contrary to Wifi the radio signals are 100 percent reliable and can be installed in our supply pedestals as well as products from other manufacturers.


Instantly online

Immediately after their online registration and payment temporary guests receive a pin code by SMS or e-mail granting access to power, water supply and facilities such as toilet, shower, laundry, and kitchen. Regular users, however, may skip pin code and use either ID Tallycard or simply their smartphone. Regular users also have opportunities to create an account enabling them to gain access and enter service facilities, turn on power and water supply, showers and washing machines etc. with their mobile device. They can even administrate news updates, receive special offers and sign up for newsletters if such services are available.

Our excellent customer service is another reason for ports, marinas and camping sites worldwide to choose Tallykey.

Let us find the right solution for you – call +45 9784 1277 or send us an e-mail: info@tallykey.dk (expect our response within 24 hours).

Units making TALLYWEB complete



TWH is a small unit with a variety of opportunities
to make day-to-day management easy.
For managers of cabins and holiday apartments
as well as their guests.

TWI is an access control unit assisting marinas,
camping sites and holiday parks
to welcome their guests
and prevent any uninvited visits.

Kontrolpaneler der fuldender Tallyweb


TWH er en lille boks, som rummer mange muligheder for at gøre hverdagen lettere.
For administrator af hytter og ferielejligheder
såvel som for gæster.


TWI er en kontrolenhed, som hjælper havne, campingpladser og resorts til at byde
velkomne gæster indenfor og forebygge
besøg af ubudne gæster.


Via automatens trykfølsomme skærm
kan gæster i havne og på camping-pladser
registrere sig, betale for ophold og
vælge diverse tilkøbsydelser.

  • Welcome

    Here are seven good reasons to choose Tallykey.

  • Climate

    Payment systems benefit from lower consumption
    for the earth's climate and your green account.

  • Overview

    Digital solutions save on administration, provide a full overview and ensure that you get paid for actual consumption.

  • Environment

    Software and hardware can be upgraded and built into other systems, creating less waste.

  • Customer service

    Your guests can monitor their own consumption and pay online via mobile phone, free of queues and office hours.

  • Design

    High-tech solutions designed to fit beautifully
    into the surroundings and are intuitively simple to operate.

  • Economy

    You decide the price of electricity and water yourself - to the benefit of your daily operations and bottom line.

  • Values

    With us, old virtues are in fashion – a small Danish company,
    who hire the best professionals and are easy to talk to

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