User-pay made power consumption drop 40%

Harbor Master:

“User-pay made power consumption drop 40%”

Skive Søsportshavn ¬– a marina located well into a 180-kilometer deep sound in Denmark ¬– and is an evolving success story.

All 275 berths are fully booked. Future customers sign up on a waiting list to locate their yacht here. The marina is expanding capacity with additional 15-20 berths on the outer pier allowing yachts up to 15-meter to berth.

The marina expansion includes 9 additional T6 utility supply pedestals – five for the new berths with another four servicing a popular motorhome site located in the Northern section of the marina offering splendid panorama views for tourists travelling on land. This morning in April seven motorhomes have lined up here.

The marina utility supply pedestals are equipped with the TALLYWEB digital payment solution software. It is an online system allowing temporary guests to check-in upon arrival, pay for their overnight stay and access services and facilities as they prefer. Permanent users that reside here can handle any business with the marina online. For guests and permanent users alike, the only tool needed is a smartphone.

“It’s a well-functioning system. In the morning I check all yachts that have docked the past 24 hours. Shortly after I take a walk and welcome the crews. It is a huge relief to leave manual handling, credit card and cash machine as well as paper receipts behind. Especially for me with no fixed office hours,” says Harbor Master Niels Peter Olesen.

Advantages reach well beyond: There have been no burglaries in the harbor office since the online payment was introduced. In fact, the marinas has become a better climate citizen from this digitalization:

“As we introduced user-pay in 2018, the total power consumption in the marina dropped 40% Initially the regular users were reluctant to digitalization. Things changed however and today customers are indeed satisfied. People can turn on and switch off from their smartphone, keep track of their utility usage and pay for actual consumption only. Prior to individual user-pay I guess there was a tendency to let dehumidifiers and that sort of equipment run 24-7. As for now we have all become more aware about our water and power usage in the marina. We have adapted a behavior in the marina no different from our practices at home,” Niels Peter Olesen explains.

At Skive Søsportshavn marina the solid aluminum pedestals from Tallykey also lay the foundation for a more sustainable business case. If needed – due to fluctuations in market pricing – the marina administration can regulate power and water pricing in just moments.

Older supply pedestals even proved re-usable:

“As we digitalized in 2018, we dismantled the existing pedestals, sent them to Tallykey for remodeling and had the old, yet upgraded pedestals reinstalled. Built in aluminum, the pedestal maintenance is manageable. Frankly there is no maintenance… they just keep running”.

The marina had its initial utility supply pedestals installed in 2007. With the 2018-upgrade the original pedestals now run for the 16th consecutive year.

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