Robust payment machine with self-service

TWK is a payment machine developed, designed and produced at Tallykey’s factory in Struer. The machine is built in anodized aluminum and assembled with acid-proof bolts, screws and shafts, which in practice makes it resistant to all kinds of weather and maintenance-free for many years to come.

Via the machine’s pressure-sensitive screen, guests in harbors and on campsites can register, pay for their stay and choose various additional services such as electricity, water, shower, laundry and kitchen facilities. The guest’s choice and additional purchases are printed on a receipt together with a pin code and sent by SMS and e-mail at the same time. The guest can then make use of the facilities and monitor their consumption by logging on to the screen or going online at TALLYWEB.

As an administrator, you can continuously follow registrations, sales and consumption with a minimum of administration. At the same time, you are assured that you will be paid for actual consumption for the benefit of daily operations and liquidity.

Tallykey’s payment machine meets all relevant standards and authority requirements for facilities of this type. With its clean and stylish design, the machine is an inviting welcome to your guests.

At Tallykey, we have 30 years of experience with reliable vending machines, control panels and payment solutions for customers at home and abroad. Our customer service is another good reason why marinas and campsites all over the world choose Tallykey.

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Tallykey’s payment machine is developed and produced at its own factory in Denmark

Our skilled employees only use robust and long-lasting quality materials.

The machine meets all relevant standards and authority requirements for installations of this type. The machine is made of anodised aluminium, while bolts, shafts and screws are made of acid-proof steel. This means minimal maintenance for you while still looking nice and inviting for your guests.


Dine gæster registrerer sig via den store trykfølsomme skærm

De får muligheden for at vælge lige netop de services, de har brug for.

Når gæsten er registreret, får de en mail og en SMS med en bekræftelse på deres registrering samt en PIN kode. Automaten kan evt. printe en registreringslabel til at sætte på fx båden. Hvis gæsten har bestil og betalt online, kan gæsten logge ind på betalingsautomaten og printe registreringslabelen. Skulle gæsten under opholdet få brug for yderligere services, kan de med PIN koden logge sig ind på betalingsautomaten og lave tilkøb og fx forlænge deres ophold.

Adgang via mobil: Gæsten får muligheden for at logge sig ind via sin smartphone, tablet eller PC og følge sit forbrug af fx strøm og adgang til badefaciliteter samt at lave tilkøb.

  • Welcome

    Here are seven good reasons to choose Tallykey.

  • Climate

    Payment systems benefit from lower consumption
    for the earth's climate and your green account.

  • Overview

    Digital solutions save on administration, provide a full overview and ensure that you get paid for actual consumption.

  • Environment

    Software and hardware can be upgraded and built into other systems, creating less waste.

  • Customer service

    Your guests can monitor their own consumption and pay online via mobile phone, free of queues and office hours.

  • Design

    High-tech solutions designed to fit beautifully
    into the surroundings and are intuitively simple to operate.

  • Economy

    You decide the price of electricity and water yourself - to the benefit of your daily operations and bottom line.

  • Values

    With us, old virtues are in fashion – a small Danish company,
    who hire the best professionals and are easy to talk to

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