Tallyweb payment and access

Tallyweb ensures simple and user-friendly payment and access.

Regardless, of whether it is payment for hot water at the camping site, power for the boat at the marina, user-friendly power outlets for stages or market places or something completely different – Tallyweb provides the optimal user-friendly solution.

1. WHO
Tallywebprovides solutions within four primary areas:

  1. Camping
  2. Marina
  3. Urban
  4. Camper

Tallywebis a flexible and user-friendly solution for both visitors and hosts. For the guests itprimarily offers easy access to a number of services such as access to facilities, access to power, water etc. For the hosts, easy administration and increased liquidity are some of theadvantages.

2. HOW
On arrival the guest registers in a user-friendly online portal,where the required servicescan be prepaid by credit card or MobilePay. This instant payment of consumption benefits both the guests and the liquidity of the host and removes the debtor risk. The same applies in cases where the guest is met by front-desk support. Here the guest is helped by a service person.

Only the imagination sets the limit for what Tallyweb can be used for. Camping and camper guests are easily given access to bathing facilities, water and power-  and the access to the site can be included through the Tallyweb access functions.

The same applies to harbours and marinas where sailors can buy power and access to the facilities of the harbour.

In parks, festival grounds and city squares, Tallyweb ensures simple and easy access to water and power etc. so the market or the concert can be held without problems.