TALLYWEB CONSUMPTION PAYMENT Online self-service makes life easier for your campers

The Tallyweb online system gives you more time to service and cater to your resident campers when the one-day campers checks-in and out and handles payment via self-service on a smartphone, payment machine or at your reception. They can control and get access to services, facilities and activities including control of their power consumption.

It has to be straightforward and fast for camper guests to check-in and check-out at your site and to pay for their consumption. Therefore, Tallykey has developed a number of custom-designed solutions for payment of power consumption. They are all based on robust and reliable components, which make you and your employees’ workday easier, while making it easy and convenient for your guests that want to move on quickly after one or two nights.

Tallyweb saves you time and resources, handling day-to-day campers

With Tallyweb, your guests can serve themselves. This reduces the resources you need for administration and control and saves you time and money. In this way, you will have extra time to cater and care for your long-term residents and other camping guests. Upon arrival at your campsite or parking place, the guest registers and pays via self-service on the user-friendly online portal called Tallyweb. This is done either by smartphone at the reception, or on a weather-proof and sensi-touch payment machine. Immediately after payment and checking-in, the guest will receive all relevant information and a pin code on his or her smartphone or tablet. Now, your customer can check-in and out and enjoy a short stay with full access to an overview of cost, consumption and activities.

How Tallyweb benefits your daily work at the camper site

In your Tallyweb administrator module, you can see all relevant information on the purchase and consumption, use of facilities and services, changes or purchase of new services. All sales related activities are stored in Tallyweb, and data can be listed according to your needs or wishes.

Through an administrator login to Tallyweb, you have an overview of guest payments for accommodation and consumption. You pick and choose the services you want to register; access to service buildings, activities, number of nights they are staying, water and power consumption, use of washing machines, showers etc. You add descriptions and prices and then you are ready to receive and service your visitors arriving in campers for a quick overnight visit.

Survey of details installation, operation and consumption data

The Tallyweb system provides a detailed overview of your turnover and you can always print and or export all information to other programmes. To avoid abuse or fraud, the system is secured through a log-function indicating user-ID and time for use.

Tallyweb is based on Tallykeys’ thought-through and reliable technology

The heart of Tallywebis the thoroughly tested,wireless and radio-controlled Tallybee-system, which is designed in the same way as a mobile phone network. The system operates more than 15,000 units daily, and over the past 10 years it has proven its unique reliability on camper sites and parking places etc. all over the world. All remote-operated functions and computer programmes are developed in our R&D department in Denmark, where competent employees are focused on delivering the highest standards in user-friendliness, speed and stability. All electronic components are tested for function and electrical safety before they leave our production.

Tallyweb Facts & Benefits

Guests register and control all activities online.
This frees up time for more important tasks in your workday.
Payment via credit card or MobilePay.
The system always works in real-time.
It’s easier for your guests and it is easier for you.
Remote control of doors, gates, bathing facilities, wash rooms etc.
Alarm,if cables or fuses set out.
Maximum operational stability through connection to Tallybee.

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