Solid solutions I can trust

Camping site manager:

“Solid solutions I can trust”

Introducing the TALLYWEB digital payment solution proved successful for Saksild Strand Camping, a Danish holiday park situated at the Eastern coastline of the Jutland peninsular.

Jens Uth Toldstrup and his wife, Ruth, made a significant career change three years ago as they left agriculture and invested savings in a nicely located, yet rather worn-down camping site which they immediately started to modernize.

“We haven’t had any second thoughts at all. Business doesn’t pay us any earnings yet – all profits are re-invested in comprehensive renovation work. Basically, we have replaced and modernized everything: Playground, power supply, wireless internet, service facilities, even the pool has been rebuilt. The place was in a poor condition and outdated as we took over,” Jens Uth Toldstrup explains while domestic and international guests come and go in the buzzing reception area.

These are busy days, yet in one week the industrial holiday season starts and “everything will go crazy”.

With his farming background, Jens Uth Toldstrup is a skilled handyman; not one to avoid hard work and long hours. A major part of the modernization investments, however should eventually leave Jens and Ruth with fewer routine tasks and maintenance work – and offer them more time with their guests creating perfects settings for unique holidays memories.

Ruth and Jens always prioritize personal service. It’s paramount for them to welcome guests to Saksild Strand Camping. Should guests arrive outside reception openings hours, the booking system has been integrated with the holiday park access control system. Along with their reservation confirmation, guests receive a pin code allowing them to open the entrance gate and access service facilities 24-7. Cottage and camp site power supply meters are integrated as well. This has proven to be convenient for guests as well as staff now able to take the utility meter readings from the reception screen on departure.

Well into their third season, it is indisputable to Ruth, Jens and the 10-11 high season employees as to which service is preferred by most guests.

“There are 250 camp site spots in total – 27 of them have a power and water supply pedestal with separate drain and fiber network. These “comfort spots” are in extremely high demand. Children and teenagers want to stream film and TV-series while on vacation. Parents, on the other hand, realized they can go on holiday and do some remote office work simultaneously with the high-speed internet at hand”.

Due to their immense success, Ruth and Jens Uth Toldstrup plan to expand the concept with four additional “comfort spots” reserved for motorhomes.

Saksild Strand Camping has even become a party venue.

“We invested in a marquee which turned out a massive success. People fancy to host a party with 24 cottages for family and friends staying overnight. Guests, on the other hand, are absolutely thrilled to attend a party with pool, miniature golf, and an evening walk along the beach as icing on the cake”.

A charging station for electric vehicles is one of the most recent applications Ruth and Jens invested in. A service highly valued – not least by Norwegian guests:

“I guarantee you, these huge Audis and Teslas towing a caravan all the way from Norway have flat batteries upon arrival. What a thrill to point at the charging pedestal and assure our guests they have no worries. No need to look for a nearby charging point. It’s here!”

Like all the utility supply pedestals in the holiday park, the TCC charging station is manufactured by Tallykey. A decision made easy, Jens Uth Toldstrup finalizes:

“In this market, you will find huge suppliers. At Tallykey I know who to call and discuss matters with. From experience I know he will provide solid solutions I can trust. Solutions that are simple enough that my guests can figure out how to use. That’s all I need to know”.

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