Tallykey T6

Tallykey T6

Aluminium pedestal in exclusive design and high quality.

The Tallykey T6  supply pedestal is developed to provide electricity and water. The elegant design of the pedestal contributes positively to the guest’s perception of the area in which the pedestal is placed, and the selection of materials makes it robust and maintenance-free.

Lights up everywhere
All Tallykey T6 pedestals are delivered with an exclusively design lighting in the top.

Hence the pedestal can be used  as lighting source only or in combination with power and water supply.

The many combinations make the Tallykey T6 pedestals the market’s absolutely most applicable and flexible supply pedestal.

At Tallykey we manufacture the Tallykey T6 pedestal to order for each individual installation based on individual specifications and wishes. This gives the end user a unique and custom-designed solution, that provides optimal user benefits and return or investment.

Safety and durability
All Tallykey pedestals are made in weather-resistant anodised aluminium. Screws, bolts and shafts are manufactured in acid-proof steel, and the lamps are protected by an arched top cover in aluminium and a lighting cover in impact-resistant plastic.

In our production, we use only materials of the best possible quality, which gives our pedestals a lifespan of at least 15-20 years. And this with minimal maintenance.

The Tallykey T6 pedetals comply with all relevant standards and autorisation requirements.

Flexible supply
The Tallykey T6 pedetal is delivered with up to six power outlets. Each outlet is provided with an automatic HPFI or combi protection relay.

The pedestal can be provided with up to four water taps and as such become a complete user-friendly supply solution. In addition, you have the option to get 1-3 phase outlets with up to 125 A.

Multiple accessory options
The T6 supply pedetal can be adjusted to a large variety of options and needs due to an extensive accessories programme.

Elegant lid
Operation of combi-relays, meters, and card readers is hidden behind an easy-to-operate storm-proof and auto-closing front lid, which is opened with a push on a button. All this contributes to increase safety and user comfort.

Why choose Tallykey T6?
A number of decisive details should be considered when you are looking for units for power and water supply: The relationship between price and lifespan, the vast number of EU-standards which the supply pedestals need to comply with. And last but not least it is important that the product is easy and uncomplicated to mount.

The Tallykey T6 pedestal complies with all these issues and the technical solution forms a perfect symbiosis with the elegant and timeless design. The product offers many years of maintenance-free operation and the best return on investment.

Consumption measuring – three solutions

Power consumption is an increasing cost, so individual billing will save money and provide a more flexible split of costs.

The traditional meter
The simplest but also quite efficient way of measuring consumption is a traditional meter for manual reading directly on the meter itself. Our products can be delivered with very reliable and durable digital electrical meters.

We also offer a solution for consumption measuring called Tallybee. Here we offer the market’s most reliable and user-friendly system for remote reading of electrical meters. The guest’s power consumption is quickly read via a small Tallybee pop-up window on the computer screen.

The most recent solution for consumption measuring is called Tallyweb.

Here customers handle the reading themselves and administration is reduced while you still have the overview.

Payment for services, consumption and access to facilities is easily handled with Tallyweb. On arrival the guest registers on the user-friendly online portal, where the required services are paid with credit card in advance. The instant payment is beneficial to your liquidity and removes the debtor risk.


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