The benefits of the Tallykey solution

The benefits of the Tallykey solution

Extremely user-friendly 

Both the Tallykey pedestals and the payment system are easily operated both from your smartphone and directly on the pedestal.The pedestal is provided with an energy-efficient lamp at the top, so it is easy to find and operate when it is dark.

Very robust pedestal 

The Tallykey pedestals are manufactured from quality materials, which ensure a long lifespan. The pedestal itself is made of aluminium, while bolts, shafts and screws are made of acid-proof steel (5-year guarantee).

This means the Tallykey pedestals are designed to withstand many years of outdoor use – even in the hard and aggressive environment in a harbour.

The pedestalsare made in an exclusive design.

High flexibility

Facts about the Tallykeypedestals:

  • Up to 6 power outlets, 16A 1-phase
  • Up to 4 water taps
  • Optional hose holder
  • LEDlighting in the top

Furthermore, it is possible to have Tallyweb and Tallybee payment systems integrated (remote reading).

Everything works wirelessly on a radio network. It is the most reliable system for remote reading of power and water in the market.