Tallykey TWK Self-service kiosk


Robust self-service kiosk with large display for easy self-service by guests in registration, purchase, and payment.

Tallykey TWK allows your guests to register, pay for their stay and choose services such as water, electricity, shower etc.

The large pressure-sensitive screen provides a good overview and intuitive operation. The guest’s selections and purchases along with a PIN code, is printed on a receipt and simultaneously sent via sms and email.

The guest is now ready to use the facilities and can follow the consumption by logging in to the screen or by going online on the Tallyweb portal.

Tallykey TWK can be used at ports, marinas, campsites, caravan parks, etc.

You can continuously track registrations, sales and consumption of all your guests via the Tallyweb portal.

Danish quality that can survive many years of outdoor use

Tallykey’s self-service kiosk is developed and produced at our own factory in Denmark, where our skilled employees use only robust and long-lasting quality materials.

The vending machine meets all relevant standards and regulatory requirements for installations of this type.

The machine is made of anodized aluminum, while bolts, shafts and screws are made of acid-resistant steel. This means minimal maintenance for you while making it looks neat and inviting to your guests.

Registration on arrival

Your guests register via the large pressure-sensitive screen. They then choose the services needed.

Once the guest is registered, they will receive an email and a text with confirmation of their registration as well as a PIN code. The machine may print a registration label to put on e.g. the boat (depending on features selected at kiosk order time). If the guest has ordered and paid online, the guest can log in to the self-service kiosk and print the registration label (if kiosk is so equipped). Should the guest require additional services during the stay, they can log in with the PIN code at the ATM and make additional purchases and for instance, extend their stay.

Mobile access

The guest is able to log in to the Tallyweb portal via his/her smartphone, tablet or PC and follow his consumption of electricity and access to bathing facilities as well as make additional purchases.

TWK Self-service kiosk

Facts & Benefits


Your guests register & pay on arrival.
Your guests can make additional purchases either on the TWK kiosk on online.
Easier for your guests – easier for you.


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