Tallykey TWI control panel

Tallyweb TWI is a simple control panel with many different options for access control and settlement of consumption.

TWI access control has 4 function options, from which 1 of the options below is chosen.

Door – Gives the user access to doors, gates, buildings etc.
Boom control – With a “Boom in” and “Boom out” function.
Payment – User payment for utilising: showers, washing machines and many other things.
Electricity and water — Settlement of consumption.

TWI access control can be utilized in many different places. It can operate as a regular access control that can control doors, gates and booms. The access control also includes “cross-referencing”. I.e. you can apply it for a boom in and out, and it will make sure that no more entries are allowed on the same code until they have left. In this way you prevent campers from taking too many cars into a campsite.

The TWI can also accept payments for things such as baths, clothes washing, etc. There are lots of possibilities.

Electricity and water consumption can also be controlled and measured, and power can be sold in packages, allowing for the reimbursement of electrical expenses.

The TWI is controlled by radio, as a part of Tallyweb, and the access control encountered by guests remains the same, regardless of what they are operating.

The TWI is, of course, online, and it can be integrated with third-party systems.