Tallykey TCC charging station

Tallykey TCC charging station; brimming with sound economics and green energy for electric vehicles

Tallykey introduces what might be the most flexible, user friendly and economically profitable electric vehicle charging station on the market.

FLEXIBILITY – adjustable pricing. As the owners, you get to decide the price of the electricity you sell.

USER FRIENDLY – online self-service. Your customers can register, charge and pay via their mobile phones. The customer will be notified on their phone when their car is charged.

ECONOMY – good business. Depending on your pricing and turnover, the charging station may pay for itself in 2-4 years.

MANAGEMENT – simple and straightforward. The daily operations take place digitally via TALLYWEB – the same well-tested system as can be found in many camping sites and harbours all over the world.

DESIGN – timeless and Danish. An elegant charging station in a nice green colour, indicating sustainable and climate-friendly transport.

QUALITY – minimal maintenance. Constructed in aluminium and quality components, which ensure long term operation without servicing.


The market for electric vehicles will be booming in the coming years. One of the biggest challenges will be the infrastructure for charging electric vehicles. The ability to offer customers, guests and employees the option of simple and seamless charging will thus be valued very highly.

Tallykey’s TCC charging stations are a strong offering of a charging station that is so user friendly that its operation is practically intuitive. In practice the customer only has to do two simple things: Connect the cable from their car and start the charging via their mobile phone. The rest is handled by the charging station.

TCC even guides the customer: For example, a lighting band around the plug indicates the status: A pulsating green light means that charging is ongoing. A solid green light indicates that the charging has finished. Information on the charging can be monitored on the mobile phone.

Each charging station can supply two cars at a time. The power plug is locked while the charging is in progress, so the cable cannot be removed by unauthorised persons. Once the car’s battery is charged, the user will be notified on their mobile phone that the plug has been unlocked and that it is time to remove the car and thus free up the space for someone else.

TCC uses a load management that ensures that the available power supply is utilized in the best possible way.

Several charging stations can be linked into one charging station. Moreover, the charging stations are so advanced and thought through that it is possible to evenly distribute power between, say, six electric vehicles that are charging simultaneously.

A simple and reliable solution for harbours, camping sites and private companies.

The charging station is developed and produced in Denmark in an uncompromising quality that can handle our sometimes rough climate.