TALLYKEY T6 Premium supply pedestal in weatherproof aluminium

Tallykey T6 is thought-through quality in an elegant and innovative design. The model is manufactured in weatherproof and extremely robust aluminium, and is as such maintenance free. Tallykey T6 has an integrated energy-saving LED lamp at the top, so the supply pedestal works as both work and mood lighting.

The Tallykey T6 supply pedestal is for cities with a focus on cultural events and entertainment, where only the best is good enough. The supply pedestal has an elegant low-energy lamp at the top, which serves as a moodsetter for the square, park or open area and ensures you guest can easily find their way home.

Tallykey T6 is the unique combi-solution in supply pedestals

The Tallykey T6 supply pedestal can be tailored to individual needs and wishes. The pedestals can be custom-designed depending on your requirements to e.g. a number of power outlets, water taps, installation, payment methods and many of the other specific requests you get from organizers and event makers.

Lighting that helps your guestsand sets the mood at the camper site

All T6 pedestals are delivered with a premium lighting at the top using low-energy LED bulbs safely placed behind an arched top cover in aluminium and a lamp cover in impact-resistant plastic. The lighting makes it both easier and safer for your organizers to use the many advantages and functions of the supply pedestal, while at the same time serving as a moodsetter in the square or the open areas.

Focus on safety in a user-friendly design

The T6 supply pedestal with individual relays, meters and joint code keyboards with touch-free card reader is safely placed behind a storm-proof self-closing front lid. The panel is easy to operate and the electrical pedestal can always be combined, equipped and extended according to needs and wishes. All outlets and sockets are mounted vertically to save space and are easy to access for the user. This user-friendly design ensures many years of maintenance-free operation,  strengthens the timeless and elegant look of the pedestal, and making it an optimal investment.

Payment and registration for any need

With an increasing power consumption from all types of different events, it is practical to be able to register the individual guests’ power and water consumption. Tallykey T6 can be equipped with power meters, so the consumption can be read directly on the pedestal itself, or online using the Tallyweb solution. Payment can take place via code or card.

Quality that withstands many years of outdoor use

All Tallykey supply pedestals are developed, designed and manufactured at our factory in Denmark. Out competent employees focus on using only robust and durable quality materials. Our supply pedestals are designed to withstand all kinds of wind and weather conditions all year round, and they comply with all relevant standards and legal requirements. The pedestal is made from anodized aluminium, whereas bolts shafts and screws are made of acid-resistant steel, which means minimal maintenance for you. The pedestals’ user-friendly design is a sign of an active city with cultural events focusing on the guests’ needs.

Tallykey T6 Facts & Benefits

1-4 power outlets, up to 125A, 1-3 phase.
Power outlet protected with an automatic HPFI or combi protection relay
Delivered with a standard flange for e.g. a concrete foundation.
Three different payment solutions.
Frees up your time for other more important matters
Lighting with either 2 x 11 watts low-energy tubes or 1 x 6.5-watt LED


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