TALLYKEY T4 User-friendly supply pedestal designed for cities focusing on cultural events and entertainment

Tallykey T4 is a user-friendly supply solution for power and water in city squares, parks and open spaces. The elegantly designed supply pedestal is robust, easy and quick to mount and has several applications. Among other things, it offers dimmed light, so your guests can see what they are doing, while an energy-efficient LED lamp provides a mood-setting atmosphere in parks, squares and open spaces in the city.

The Tallykey T4 supply pedestal is a modern power and water supply solution which is simple, stylish and in a highly user-friendly design. At the same time, T4 complies with all EU-standards and is robust and reliable for many years of problem-free use.

The pedestal is available in a number of high-quality standard models, and besides power and water supply for your guests, it also offers low-energy lighting, the option for a hose attachment, as well as simple and modern online solutions for consumption payment.

Safety and user-friendliness in focus

The T4 supply pedestal’s relays, meters and code keyboard with touch-free card reader are safely placed behind a storm-proof and self-closing front lid. The panel is easy and straightforward to operate, and the power pedestal can always be equipped, combined and extended according to your needs and wishes.

Payment and registration for any requirement

With increasing consumption of power and water from the wide variety of events and cultural gatherings – it is practical to be able to register the consumption of the individual stand owners or organizers. Tallykey T4 is equipped with power meters, so that the power consumption can be read directly on the pedestal or online via the Tallyweb solution. Payment is handled smoothly and safely via code or card.

Quality that survives many years of outdoor use

All Tallykey supply pedestals are developed and manufactured at our factory in Denmark, where skilled employees use robust and durable materials. Our products comply with all EU-standards and legal requirements for this type of installation. The pedestal is made of anodised aluminium, while bolts, shafts and screws are made of acid-proof steel, which means minimal maintenance. You will always be able to welcome your event makers or organizers to your beautiful surroundings.


Tallykey T4 Facts & Benefits

1-4 power outlets, 16A 1-phase.
Option for water taps
Option for hose attachment
Elegant low-energy lamp at the top of the pedestal
Several solutions for consumption payment


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