TALLYBEE CONSUMPTION PAYMENTReal-time overview and control of power consumption data and activities during events

The Tallybee computer programme makes it possible – via stable radio signals – to remote control and read the power consumption of your sailors on your local PC, and settle the account fast and quickly. Tallybee offers you and your employees full overview of all power consumption on your power outlets.

The power consumption for cultural and other events is increasing. Therefore, to ensure a fairer split of power costs between stand owners and save time and energy for your employees, Tallykey has developed various solutions for an easier payment of power consumption – all based on robust and reliable components.

Tallybee is the engine in the smart solutionfor control and reading of consumption

Tallybee is a modern online-solution for reliable control of the stand owners’ consumption. The system, which is the engine in our intelligent consumption solution, sends and receives information via radio signals, which, unlike wifi – always are 100% stable and reliable.

Tallybee provides a full overview of all units connected to the system. All information is updated real-time so you can read the power consumption directly on your PC and carry out a precise reading. The system works with all the most commonly used power meters in the market.

Safety in every detail installation, operation, reliability and consumption data.

Tallybee uses top modern radio technology that ensures all information and consumption data are collected, delivered and stored safely – both at the individual outlets and the connected master unit – the radio receiver. The system works via radio control between the units. It is easy and fast to install and does not require cabling between the different units or outlets. If a radio fails, the information is collected and distributed by the other radios in the master unit, so no consumption data is lost.

Tallykey is market-leading technology focusing on function and reliability

All remote-operated features and the computer program itself are developed and produced in our R&D department in Denmark, where skilled employees focus on delivering, supporting and servicing our customers to the highest standards for user-friendliness, speed and reliability. All electronic components are tested for function and power safety before leaving our production.

Tallybee Facts & Benefits

The system always sends data in real-time
Remote reading and control of all selected power outlets on the camper site.
Easy access to all information via PC.
The system is freeing up time to more important tasks in your workday.
Can be integrated into existing installations or embedded in the Tallykey supply pedestals.

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