Tallykey supply solutions welcome your guests

At Tallykey A/S in Struer we develop and produce supply pedestals, which include payment solutions for marinas and camping sites. Our signature is an elegant design and high-quality materials, which allows you to welcome your guests to easy and straightforward access to power, water and other facilities.

Our production of supply pedestals is based on more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing and mounting aluminium items. We continuously invest in top modern production equipment and has a strong focus on educating our loyal and committed workforce. In this way we have the best preconditions to work in a rational and flexible way. We are able to produce, develop and deliver high-quality solutions within self-service supply pedestals including software programs for online control, payment and administration and an extensive service program at a reasonable price.

Tallykey offers modern supply pedestals that makes your everyday easier

Our focus is the management of marinas and camping sites, who wants to offer their guests self-serviced access to power, water and other amenities, and a smart and straightforward access control and consumption payment via modern and accessible supply pedestals. We provide pedestals as standard models or as custom-made solutions.

Your guests are in control of their power consumption and other services

Tallykey develops software for online-control and administration, which makes it easy for you and your employees to receive payment, measure, control and administer their individual consumption. At the same time, your guests can via smartphone or online self-service keep an eye on their consumption, get access to services and electrically controlled amenities such as bathing, washing, gates etc. and pay the bill.

Elegant and user-friendly design that can withstand daily wear and tear

Regardless of which of our many robust solutions – supply pedestals and self-service of water, power, access, measuring, consumption payment – that covers your specific needs, you can always rely on a well thought-through, robust and highly functional quality solution in a beautiful and timeless, user-friendly design, that makes it easier and more comfortable to visit your marina or camping site.

Tallykey is market-leading technology focusing on function and stability

All Tallykey supply pedestals are developed and produced in our factory in Denmark, where our competent employees use only robust and durable quality materials. All products comply with relevant standards and approvals for systems of this type. The pedestal is made of anodised aluminium, while bolts, shafts and screws are made of acid-proof steel. This reduces maintenance for you, so you are able to welcome your guest to a site in beautiful surroundings any time.

All remote-controlled functions and software programs are developed in our R&D department in Denmark, where competent employees focus on providing the highest standards in user-friendliness, speed and stability. All electronic components are tested for function and safety before they leave our premises.

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