Tallykey TWH control panel

Tallyweb TWH is a simple control panel for controlling access and consumption in cabins, mobile homes, holiday flats, etc.

TWH has 5 functions and can be operated via a code, card or smartphone.

Door – provide access.
Electricity – settling consumption.
Water – settling consumption.
Temperature control.
Alarm – Low temperature, power failure and leaking water installations.

The TWH control panel is particularly suited for use in cabins and holiday properties. The access control can provide access for a desired period, such as for when a guest books a stay.

It can also control/measure power and water consumption in the cabin in order for this to be settled automatically, and it may for example be integrated with a booking system, so that it is included in the bill upon departure.

There is also the option for climate control, which can control maintenance heating in the property and increase the temperature, such as 2 hours before the guests arrive.

This of course provides significant savings on electricity costs, as only maintenance heating is needed when guests are not in. It also means that you don’t have to continuously remember to turn the heating up or down.

There is also an option for alarm functions, eg. in the event of:

Low temperatures or high humidity in order to avoid mould fungus or to prevent furnishings from becoming mouldy.

Water leaks, if continuous uniform water consumption is registered over a longer period.

Power cuts, if a fuse or HPFI-relay cuts off supply, which might also cause consequential damages.