Tallykey T1

Tallykey T1

Tallykey T1 is the timeless and user-friendly solution for power supply in marinas and harbours.

 Facts and benefits:

  • 2 power outlets, 16A 1-phase
  • Simple, robust and durable
  • Attractive price
  • Three different options for registration of consumption and payment

For the Tallykey T1 supply pedestal, we primarily focus on durability, safety and easy user interface. The Tallykey T1’s unique and simple design speaks for itself and the Danish designed product integrates perfectly with the surroundings in the marina or harbour.

Flexible mounting options
As standard Tallykey T1 is prepared for mounting on the wall or on a pole, and can be mounted anywhere. However, when mounted on the custom designed aluminium legs, which allows for hidden cabling, the Tallykey T1 solution truly stands out.

The aluminium legs also contribute to safety as the power outlets are raised above the terrain as required in government regulations for installations of this type.

The legs are offered in two different versions: One for embedding in the ground and one for mounting on a wooden or concrete pontoon.

Safety in focus
All electrical components are protected by the elegant aluminium cover, which also makes the product water resistant. The outlets are mounted vertically, which saves space and contributes to the discrete elegance design of the product.

Why choose Tallykey T1?
There are a number of decisive factors to consider, when it comes to selecting units for power supply: Things such as the relationship between price and lifespan, the long list of EU standards which the supply units need to comply with. And then last but not least, it is important that the product is easy and uncomplicated to mount.

Tallykey T1 fulfils all these requirements – and the technical solution combined with the timeless design form a symbiosis, which ensures many years of maintenance-free operation and optimum return on investment.


Consumption measuring – three solutions

Power consumption is an increasing cost, so individual billing will save money and provide a more flexible split of costs.

The traditional meter
The simplest but also quite efficient way of measuring consumption is a traditional meter for manual reading directly on the meter itself. Our products can be delivered with very reliable and durable digital electrical meters.

We also offer a solution for consumption measuring called Tallybee. Here we offer the market’s most reliable and user-friendly system for remote reading of electrical meters. The guest’s power consumption is quickly read via a small Tallybee pop-up window on the computer screen.

The most recent solution for consumption measuring is called Tallyweb.

Here customers handle the reading themselves and administration is reduced while you still have the overview.

Payment for services, consumption and access to facilities is easily handled with Tallyweb. On arrival the guest registers on the user-friendly online portal, where the required services are paid with credit card in advance. The pre-payment is beneficial to liquidity and removes the debtor risk.


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