TALLYKEY T1 Robust and user-friendly supply pedestals at the most competitive price in the market place

Tallykey T1 supply pedestal is the robust and uncomplicated supply pedestal, which will welcome your campers and provide a straightforward and user-friendly power supply. The Danish-designed T1 supply pedestal is available at an attractive price and fits through its unique and timeless design into the surroundings in any campsite or parking place.

The Tallykey T1 supply pedestal is a robust and functional solution within user-friendly power supply pedestals for campers, and the right match when you need high-quality and long lifespan at an attractive price. Tallykey T1 is easy and uncomplicated to mount and complies with all EU standards and approvals.

Carefully thought-through safety in a user-friendly design

All electrical units such as relays, meters etc. of the Tallykey T1 supply pedestals are protected behind a water-proof and elegant aluminium lid. Both outlets are mounted and placed vertically to save space, and are easy to access for the users. This user-friendly and well thought out design ensures many years of maintenance-free operation, strengthens the supply pedestal’s timeless and elegant look, and provides an optimal investment.

Flexible mounting options

The T1 supply pedestal can be mounted on custom-designed aluminium legs with hidden cabling, so both power outlets are automatically raised above the terrain to increase safety and complies with installation regulations for this type of equipment. Aluminium legs for Tallykey T1 are available in two versions: One for embedding in the ground and one for mounting on a wooden or concrete foundation. As standard, the Tallykey T1 is prepared for mounting on the wall or pole and can be installed everywhere.

Quality that withstands many years of outdoor use

All Tallykey supply pedestals are developed, designed and manufactured at our factory in Denmark, where skilled employees are using robust and durable quality materials. Our supply pedestals are made to withstand all kinds of weather conditions all year round and comply with all relevant legal standards and requirements. The pedestal is made in anodised aluminium, while bolts, shafts and screws are manufactured in acid-proof steel, which means less maintenance for you. The user-friendly design shows a modern campsite and parking place focusing on the needs of the guests.

Tallykey T1 Facts & Benefits

2 electrical outlets, 16A 1-phase.
Each outlet is provided with an automatic HPFI or combi protection relay.
Attractive price.
Can be delivered with elegant aluminium legs.
Prepared for mounting on wall/pole.
Different payment solutions.


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